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Scary Mysteries Twisted Twos: Mary Jane Barker and Anders Hansson

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two's dives into a
pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look.
For this week, we focus on the strange case of a missing child from New Jersey and a
terrifying Swedish serial killer.. Get ready for Scary Mysteries, Twisted Two’s.
#1 Mary Jane Barker
At only 4 years old, Mary Jane Barker from Bellmawr, New Jersey went missing on
February 25, 1957.
The young girl was last seen playing with a 4-month old Spaniel puppy at about 10:30
AM that day. She was on her way to meet her neighbor and friend, 6-year old Maria
Freitta, who also happened to be the owner of the puppy. A while later when her
parents started looking for her, Mary Jane was no where to be found. She was reported
missing to the police by 1:30 PM and immediatley Many people feared that she might
have been kidnapped.
Police started searching the area close to her home and Near the stream out back they
identified a set of footprints belonging to what looks to be a dog, a young child and an
adult man. They measured the child’s footprints and said it was the same shoe size as
Mary Jane’s.
Because she was so young, her disappearance sparked a huge response with almost
200 volunteers showing up on the first night to begin looking. Everyone there searched
the area and By the third day, there were over 1000 volunteers looking for the girl,
hoping they would find some sort of clue as to her whereabouts.
On February 27, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barker appeared on television
pleading to the possible kidnapper to return their daughter to the nearest church. Police
interviewed, Vern Lovering, a 43-year old man who was a convicted child molester in
the area and he admitted to being near the Barker home when Mary Jane went missing,
but said he had nothing to do with a kidnapping. By February 28 th , 3 days after she
went missing, the FBI got involved. They too, interviewed Lovering and conducted their
investigation after police received a phone call demanding a $500 ransom for the child.
This prompted cops to appeal to the supposed kidnapper not to “act in haste” or harm
the child.
The disappearance was especially hard on the family since it was Mary Jane’s birthday
on the 28 th and her fathers on March 1 st . The family was planning to celebrate their
birthday’s together. However, on March 3 rd , the family’s life changed forever.

On that day, her friend Maria together with her mother went to check the newly built
ranch house next door owned by Maria’s aunt. Maria opened a bedroom closet door
and out came her puppy, leaping towards her. Also found inside the closet was the
dead body of Mary Jane Barker. She was slumped down in a sitting position on the floor
and was wearing the same clothes she had on from the day she went missing.
Curiously, the house was searched three times but no one had thought to check the
bedroom closet in. However, the police chief said he believes the body was placed in
the closet instead of being kept there since the puppy seemed to have been fed
recently. What’s more, if the dog was indeed trapped inside with the little girl for several
days, there was no sign of animal waste in the closet despite the fact the puppy wasn’t
housebroken. Even more compelling is that during those three initial searches, no one
had heard a dog barking at all. The door wasn’t locked but from the inside there was no
knob that the little girl could use to open it up.
Mary Jane’s body was autopsied the next day and there were no signs of foul play
found, neither were there signs of molestation. When they opened her stomach to
examine the contents, all it had was inside chocolate milk – the last thing she drank
before she disappeared on the morning of February 25 th . To find out why the dog was
alive and Mary Jane died, the dog was put down as well so its stomach contents could
be studied. Eventually, her death was ruled as an accident and that she had died from
starvation and exposure.
Because of what happened, then Mayor Cornelius Devennel ordered all closet doors to
have a knob from the inside as well.
Mary Jane’s disappearance and the media surrounding it also helped lead to the first
calls reporting the discovery of a murdered young boy in Philadelphia. Frank Guthrum,
the person who discovered the boy, had found the body the same day Mary Jane
disappeared but hesitated to report it. He eventually did and it led to the discovery and
investigation of what is now well known as the “Boy in the Box”. A story we have
previously covered.
#2 Anders Hansson
We’ve all heard of serial killer nurses and doctors before but Anders Hansson may be
one of the first serial killer orderlies you’ve yet to learn about.
Considered as one of Sweden’s worst killers, Hansson once worked at the Malmö Östra
Hospital. His job was to provide assistance to the long-term care patients and elderly
patients there. But instead of helping, Anders would often murder them.
He killed them slowly one by one and It’s believed he started doing so in 1978 when he
was just18 years old. In one year, he poisoned 27 patients in the hospital. About 15 of
them died as a result of what he did while 15 others managed to survive but suffered
physical issues along with mental anguish from the attempted murder.

Hansson killed his victims by poisoning them using cleaning products that he carried
with him for work including Gevisol and Ivisol. These were chemicals generally used for
sanitising the hospital rooms. His murderous reign was large but didn’t last long
because afer about a year after he started, one elderly patient started screaming that
something was burning her throat. When the hospital staff smelled her breath, they
found out she had ingested cleaning fluid and Anders was the last one in the room.
The increase in recent patient deaths had hospital workers on high alert already, and
the community was even starting to suspect something very wrong was happening at
the hospital. The staff then confronted Hansson and without much of a fight, he
confessed to the crime and many others he had committed while employed there. In
August of 1979, Anders Hansson was sentenced to a psychiatric clinic where he is
currently still being housed.
So there were a two of the most terrifying and murderous stories around. The world can
be a crazy place and Twisted Two’s is sure to show you why.
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