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Shrink Wrapping Explained

Shrink wrapping, also known as shrink wrap packaging, is the term used to refer to the covering of a product that is a clear or transparent, and in some cases, printed plastic film. This film is wrapped around the product. Then, it is sealed together in all sides, which would look like a loose bag around the product. Using a heat shrink tunnel or a heat gun, the film is shrunk tightly, wrapping the product in a skin-tight finish.

The following are the four types of shrink wrap system:

The Transit Wrap

With the transit wrap system, the product goes through a curtain or a sleeve of film. After shrinking the film on the product, the shrunken film usually leaves open ends, which is also known as bull’s eyes. Complete wraps can be possible with this type of wrap system using specially ducted shrink tunnels. However, the resultant seal is not attractive enough for display. The film used for the transit system is primarily polyethylene, which is the cheapest film on the market.


The L-seal Wrap

This style of shrink wrap system is used for mainly for display purposes. This system uses a sealing and cutting arm in the shape of the letter L. With the film, the product is inserted to the sealer, which then seals and cuts the other two sides, trimming away and removing the excess film. Polyolefin or PVC film is widely used in this type of wrap system. This film has 40% shrink property when heat is applied.

As the shrinking takes place, the film must be punctured or pricked to allow the air to escape. This means that the wrap is not airtight, which could allow some transfer of aroma and bacteria. However, the holes are so small that they are hardly noticeable. You can position the holes in a way that they are in contact with the edges of the product that you are wrapping.


The Flow Wrap

The third type of shrink wrap system utilizes the flow wrapping technology. At regularly spaced intervals, the product is loaded into the tube of film. Simultaneously, the film is formed over a “shoe”. A fin seal is created under the package and the ends are sealed with a blade. This type of system is commonly used in wrapping magazines. If you want to achieve a skintight finish, use a shrink tunnel. Or, you can just simply leave a loose wrap.


The Sleeve Shrink Tube

The sleeve shrink tube or shrink label is the wrap system, which is typically used for packaging bottles. A tube of film is dropped over the bottle to be wrapped before it passes through a shrink tunnel and heated. The tube film then shrinks, fitting tightly around the bottle. With this type of shrink wrap packaging, the film can provide a decorated label for the pack. In some cases also, it is used as a security device wherein the lid connects the bottle or jar. This wrapping technique is called shrink sleeving.

3D Printing and What It Can Offer

3D printing has been offering the world with so many benefits that are evident in the fields of business, medicine, engineering, etc. If you are wondering if this technology can really deliver and be beneficial of help for your business, here are some of its benefits.


The traditional ways of prototyping production and injection mold tools are very expensive. The use of a 3D printer is an affordable option to create tools and parts through additive manufacturing at a rate that is much cheaper than ordinary machining.

Mitigate Risk

When building a project, you can print your test prototype before you invest in a costly molding tool. With this, you can always redesign or change your existing mold if needed.

Fast Production

The traditional prototype manufacturing needs machining and tooling. You need to spend money for the labor of people and should purchase some expensive equipment.

Also, the whole process may take weeks to be completed. The worst part here is that your first prototype is not your last. This means that you have to redesign it and even experience the same kind of struggle again. It might be difficult to build a good kind of business with traditional prototyping since a lot of time is being wasted. Everybody from the owner right down to the client is likely to get frustrated when they have to wait for the design to be prototyped.

But when using 3D printing, the process will just take a few hours. If you make it today, you can expect it to be done in the morning.


Industries are using mass-production when manufacturing their products. Meaning, all products are using the same mold and will come out with the same design and shape from the assembly line. This makes it difficult to achieve something that is unique.

The use of three-dimensional will allow you to personalize almost anything by tweaking a part of your prototype, thus catering to your needs.

Easy to Produce Shapes and Structures

The old manufacturing method greatly relies on mold and cutting technologies in order to produce the desired shape. In the past, adding holes that can change direction, square interior cavities, or unrealistic overhangs are not easy to achieve.

Varied Materials

Mixing raw materials is not really ideal for mass-production processes as it can costly. Aside from this, the chemical and physical properties are hard to combine in the old methods.

Better Quality

If you try to make something and follow the steps accurately, you are likely to end up achieving the perfect results. But if you are new to it, though you may have the results, it might be lacking in some areas. But the use of a 3D printer will definitely offer the expected perfect results.


More people are not having access to the technology. In fact, there are 3D pens today that is capable of producing the same results as that of the printer. The only difference is that the user would have to maneuver the nozzle with the hands.

Given such progress, it will now be possible for people to create the product they need, whenever and whenever they are.


Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne: Helping you Reach your Business Targets

The growth of the digital world is at an unstoppable speed. Each business, regardless if it is small or big aims to benefit from what the internet has to offer them. Each business wants to be a part of the pool of an ever-rising prospects online. But though this looks so exciting, it is not that easy to make the most of the digital world, unless there are experts on your side that can offer the needed help. Yes, it would be best for your business to have the experts from a digital marketing agency in Melbourne give you the help you need.

Reaching your Marketing Targets

Achieving your target markets will be made possible if you have the help of a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. A reputable and experienced agency can deliver the best services to clients across different industries. But make sure that you don’t immediately jump into the first agency you come across with. Take your time in finding and selecting a marketing partner. Having one can do wonders for your business with their knowledge and experience.


Check their Website

Each agency that you will find will claim that they are the best. This will make it a bit challenging for you to know and choose the best one. To make sure that you are in the right hands, you should follow some steps and make sure that you check their website. A good marketing agency is the one that an informative and updated website. The site should be equipped with intuitive navigation and responsive design.


Capable Team

If the website follows the right SEO practice, you can easily find it on search engines. If you can’t find, then you should not put your trust on them to promote your business. The website needs to be creative, engaging, and modern. Next, make sure that it has a capable team of people. This means that it has a domain-specific professional.

A good agency is the one that has a team of experts specializing in different fields. This means that whether you need them to design a website, SEO, social media, content writing, or website development, the agency would be able to provide you an expert to help with your needs.

Also, don’t forget to check their track record and domain experience before getting their services. If they do not have an impressive clientele or have only serve one or two industries, you should start looking for another one. This means that you should only trust a company that can really bring in positive results for your business. So, take your time when choosing your marketing partner. Don’t rush things to just hiring anyone that comes your way. Make sure that you don’t settle for anything less than the best.


Benefits of Using a Stone Cutting Machine

Many of us think that we can simply cut stones using hand tools. But what we fail to realize is that doing so will lead us to making errors or worse, we can make unnecessary cuts. This mistake can destroy everything and this is something that we never want to happen. Yes, stone cutting is harder than what you actually think. This is why we need an excellent stone cutting machine to do this job. With it, we will not only avoid making unnecessary mistakes, but we would be able to cut stones in no time as well while making precise and accurate cuts.

Construction and building companies make use of stones for varied purposes and the quality of the construction work is sometimes determined by the stone quality for construction.

Stone is a significant material in construction industries and this is the reason why construction companies opt for the best stone cutting machine and materials that gives value for their money. If you happen to be in the quarry business, you should make use only of an efficient and good machine that will deliver the best quality stones in a short period of time. Below some of the benefits that you will get from using the right cutting machine.


Finishes the Task Quickly

In most cases, people use different hand tools but it demands a lot of time for them to finish the task. But with the help of power tools, even if you do not have any experience at all, you would be able to finish the work quickly using a tool or machine that cuts a lot faster.


Precise Cuts

By using the right kind of machine to cut stones, it becomes possible to achieve the cut that you want without having to worry that the stones will not sit perfectly. At the same time, you can avoid making errors when using a machine than when using hand tools.


Avoids Injury

Using hand tools are more likely to injure a person than when using the appropriate machine. Accidents and injuries are something that should not only be avoided, but be prevented so the workflow will not be disrupted. At the same time, preventing injuries from happening will mean prioritizing the safety of the people in the workplace.



Lastly, the use of the right machine can be a cost-effective solution. Although investing in a machine can be a bit pricier, the benefits it can offer in the long run and worthy. For one, you can finish the job a lot quicker which means more savings on your end.

With all this information, you can now tell that making the right decision whether to invest in hand tools or machine greatly matters. So, you better make one that you will not regret.


3D Printing Sydney: Trend to Expect this 2019

Last year, 3D printing has quietly solidified as an industrial and commercially viable manufacturing technology. With all the development across materials, hardware, and software in 2018, 3D printing Sydney or also known as additive manufacturing has been an integral part of the manufacturing process. Given such an impressive year, what can we expect from 3D printing this year 2019?

Polymer printing will expand

In 2018, a great deal of attention has been given on metal 3D printing. The focus on such type of printing in the last few months meant that the expansion of polymer segments is often overlooked. But, the key developments last year indicated that polymer three-dimensional printing will be emerging as an important segment in the industry.

Given the right polymer expertise and a wide existing client base, more companies are expected to have an expansion of polymer segment of 3D printing Sydney materials this year.


Software will be a must for 3D printing operations

Together with hardware and materials, software will be an integral element in the development of industrial additive manufacturing operation. Last year, the importance of software for different aspects of the AM process has been seen already from design or simulation to workflow management, and in security.


Post- Processing will be more automated

At present, post-processing is still considered to be one of the least optimized stages of additive workflow. This means that steps should be taken in order to change this. 2019 is set to bring in more automated post-processing solutions for 3D printing.

Today, most of the post-processing operations are manual process which needs skilled operators. Using manual process to manage the post-processing stage could greatly increase production cost and lead time. If 3D printing is to move forward towards serial production, there would be a pressing need to automate the post-processing operations. Considering the latest developments, it would seem that 2019 will be paving the way for such.


Standardization will be helpful in the advancement of 3D printing

The development of standards for additive manufacturing would be a key driver for 3D printing, especially that the industry is becoming more mature. Unlike with traditional manufacturing which tool centuries to develop standardized processes, methods and materials for production, additive manufacturing remains to be in the early stages of the journey.

This year 2019, we can expect to see governments to play a significant role in shaping the standardization, as well as the regulatory landscape for additive manufacturing.


3D printing will be smarter and become more connected

As this industrial world moves towards becoming more autonomous, agile and connected manufacturing, three-dimensional printing industry is set to follow suit. This year, we can expect to see more companies to take the risk and unveil new solutions that are aimed at taking 3D printing a step further towards connected and digital factories.

Different Hospital Flooring Options for A Better Care Setting

Promoting a healthy and safe environment is what hospitals face as a daily challenge. The flooring is no exception to this. In fact, it is an important part of creating a high-quality care setting. Here are hospital flooring options for the different areas of the facility and core requirements that the floor need to meet.

Entrance Area

This is the very first area that visitors, families, and patients in the hospitals see. This helps the patrons locate services and this is where you can see rolling loads and heaviest foot traffic. For this area, you would want a durable and welcoming flooring option.

It would be best to use luxury vinyl tile and terrazzo for this area. Terrazzo is a premium and durable option that only needs minimal maintenance and can last for a long time. On the other hand, LVT offers more durability and design versatility.


Corridor and Clinical Area

The corridor is considered to be the main artery of the hospital and rolling loads and heavy traffic happens here. In order to minimize disruptions, the flooring needs rapid installation which is highly durable to minimize the need for maintenance.

LVT and rubber are some of the most popular options you can consider. You can save a lot of time in installation as they come with pre-applied adhesive on the backings. They both have protective coatings as well that resist scuffs and scratches thus reducing maintenance disruptions, water, labor, and chemicals.


Emergency and Operating Room

Both the emergency and operating room need to meet the requirements for infection control and be usable 24/7. You would want materials that are easy to clean to promote cleanliness. Using a low-texture and smooth flooring, as well as proper installation will help keep fluids and dirt from slipping into the floor surface.

Linoleum, sheet, and LVT are best for such environments as they enable the use of flash coving and welding during installation, allowing the chance to create a fully aseptic space.



The best kind of floor for the cafeteria is the one that is stain-resistant, slip-retardant, and should be easy to clean. A textured and patterned floor will benefit the cafeteria by hiding and reducing the scratches and scuffs.

The type of flooring that can meet these requirements include tile, LVT, and sheet vinyl. They offer great design versatility with natural textures and vibrant colors while offering long lasting durability.


Nurse’s stations and Treatment Areas

Patients and staff spend a lot of their time in such areas and these are never shut down. Therefore, the flooring needs to promote comfort, provide 24/7 access with materials for rapid installation, reduce stress, and minimize maintenance.

To suit such purposes, the majority of hospitals have moved away from traditional vinyl composition tile and linoleum.


Patient Rooms

In most hospitals, patient rooms are specifically designed to emulate a more home-like environment. These rooms do not need aseptic flooring. This means that you will have more options for adhesives, materials, and installation methods.

Linoleum, LVT, and sheet tile are some of the best options that offer wood, tweed, stone, and other natural looks with durability at a much more affordable cost than natural materials.

Having the right flooring option is very important to create a better, safer, and healthier environment. This will make everyone feel at ease and safe so they can freely move in the area.


Sydney’s Best Caterer: How to Spot One?

Australians in living in Sydney, always celebrate special occasions and always look forward to it. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or even just simple gatherings, meeting the people we care for and share some happy moments with them while enjoying delicious foods is truly a happy time. Regardless of how big or small the event it, food is and should always be present. Can you imagine an event without food? What can be more boring than it?

However, we should also admit the fact that preparing for different events can be a bit of a challenge, especially the part where you have to prepare the food. Good thing though that caterers are available today to take charge of it. But how do you find the best caterer out there that can meet your needs?

Here are some tips and factors that you need to consider to make sure that you have the right caterers that will not only offer great food but exceptional service as well.


Check Out the Testimonials

Before you make the final decision to hire a specific caterer, make sure that you check out the customer feedbacks first. This is where you will see the good and bad reviews about them. This can help you decide better whether or not you should make a deal with them.

It would be great if you have a checklist while you review the testimonials. With it, you can check and cross out items for every caterer. This checklist will serve as your overview of the advantages and disadvantages that each caterer has over the other.


Evaluate their Presentation

It is very important that you contact the representative of the catering company that you plan to hire or their chef. The best caterer in Sydney will always offer a considerable amount of their attention and time to the food that they are serving. Check and see how involved they are when it comes to food preparation.

It is not enough that the catering company will tell you that they can do what you expect them to do than really doing it and being involved in all aspects of the preparation such as in food selection and menu. Always go for one that has a good understanding of how menu planning exactly works. Such catering company should be able to tell you in a comfortable manner the dishes they plan to serve, as well as any other complimentary items that comes with the food.


Packages and Costs

Caterers always offer some special package. Do not get easily deceived by these things. What you can do, before making the final decision is to compare different packages first and which one is the best considering your needs and budget. Always go for the package that will give you the best deal for your money without having to compromise your guests.

The competition in the market when it comes to finding the right caterer for different events can be tough. As you will be investing money on them, be sure to make the right decision.


Product Design Company: Tips to Find the Most Reliable One

A business operates by selling products and services for the purpose of gaining profit. But its success greatly depends on the quality of products and services that are being offered. This is why it is a must for every business to do their research before selecting a product design company to work with.

Do you have a product in mind that you want to be produced? If so, then make sure that you follow the tips below to hire the best company that can cater to your needs.


Your Needs and Wants

When choosing a reputable product design company, it is a must to evaluate your needs. You need to decide first if proximity matters to your or otherwise. For example, do you need to be physically present during meetings or doing it online is good enough? For you to avoid any pitfall in the future, be sure that you have a list of tasks that you want the company to perform for you.


Product Quality

The next thing to do is to have a clear representation of the things that sets your product apart from others. Keep in mind that any form of similarity may result in copyright issues and lead to legal issues. This is something you don’t want to happen. Thus, make sure that you list down the best qualities of your products and the benefits they have to bring to the consumers.


Do Your Research

After listing what your product has to offer as well as the features that sets it apart from the competition, you can now begin searching for some companies. Start doing your research online. Visit various websites and check out the products that they have created. Doing this will give you an idea of what to look for in a company.

Then make a short list of the companies that you may hire and check to see the best one that meets your needs and requirements.



It is important that you know the costs you have to spend on a design company. Since the majority of businesses today are on a tight budget, you need to know how much you can afford. But it does not necessarily mean that you just have to settle on a company that charges less. Bear in mind that quality work and results do not come cheap.


Completion Time

Lastly, once you have found the right company and people to work for you in achieving your business goals, do not forget to ask them about the estimated time for the project to be fully completed. Doing this will let you know what you can expect from the finished work and arrange your product for distribution accordingly.

With these tips, you can rest assured that you will end up with the right company that can help you achieve what your business needs leading to your success.


Chemical Storage Cabinet: The Solution Your Business Needs

Dealing with chemicals on a daily basis demands for intensive safety measures. Although not all types of chemicals can be considered hazardous, but a potential danger is often associated with storage. This will not only affect the workplace, but most of all, the employees. This is why it is very important to have the right chemical storage cabinet in place where these dangerous chemicals can be stored. Aside from being a preventive measure, this cabinet is a basic requirement for any workshop or industry that works with different types of chemicals.

Storing chemicals in a safety cabinet does not entail making big changes in the manufacturing unit of the infrastructure of the workshop. In the first place, it should always be a given in a workplace and it should be considered a priority.

What is a Safety Storage Cabinet?

A chemical storage cabinet is a kind of cabinet that can safely store chemicals of different forms. The reason why there is an emphasis on safety is because of the fact that chemical spills can cause serious damage to the entire workplace and put the lives of people in danger. Even for chemicals that are not categorized to be hazardous to animals and plants, you still need to have a safety cabinet to prevent potential damage to property.

When you look at it, this kind of cabinet seems like any ordinary kind of cabinet intended for storage. The only difference however, is that it features materials that are resistant to chemicals stored inside it. This guarantees that even in case of leakage or spill, the cabinet can prevent chemical loss, thus preventing environment, health, or property damage.


What are the Benefits of Using these Cabinets?

These types of cabinets are capable of holding different types of chemicals in all forms. The cabinets are ideal for manufacturing workshops, garages, sites, construction sites, industrial sites, and other places where dangerous chemicals are present.

They are also available in different sizes and are made from various materials so they suit all types of chemicals. While chemicals often come in their own containers, such are not intended for long-term use. At the same time, the majority of industrial accidents take place as a result of improper storing of chemicals and this often occurs when they are only kept in regular containers.

One more reason why it is a must to use a safety storage cabinet is for the prevention of theft. In most cases, chemicals cost a lot, so preventing any unauthorized access to the chemicals will be a practical solution. The cabinets will not only protect the environment from the hazards associated with improper handling of different chemicals, but will also protect the facility from improper access.

You can easily choose from a wide array of safety cabinets to choose from that will meet your needs and space requirements. Considering the type of chemical that you plan to store, as well as the area where you want to install your storage solution you can always find one for your needs.