3D Printing and What It Can Offer

3D printing has been offering the world with so many benefits that are evident in the fields of business, medicine, engineering, etc. If you are wondering if this technology can really deliver and be beneficial of help for your business, here are some of its benefits.


The traditional ways of prototyping production and injection mold tools are very expensive. The use of a 3D printer is an affordable option to create tools and parts through additive manufacturing at a rate that is much cheaper than ordinary machining.

Mitigate Risk

When building a project, you can print your test prototype before you invest in a costly molding tool. With this, you can always redesign or change your existing mold if needed.

Fast Production

The traditional prototype manufacturing needs machining and tooling. You need to spend money for the labor of people and should purchase some expensive equipment.

Also, the whole process may take weeks to be completed. The worst part here is that your first prototype is not your last. This means that you have to redesign it and even experience the same kind of struggle again. It might be difficult to build a good kind of business with traditional prototyping since a lot of time is being wasted. Everybody from the owner right down to the client is likely to get frustrated when they have to wait for the design to be prototyped.

But when using 3D printing, the process will just take a few hours. If you make it today, you can expect it to be done in the morning.


Industries are using mass-production when manufacturing their products. Meaning, all products are using the same mold and will come out with the same design and shape from the assembly line. This makes it difficult to achieve something that is unique.

The use of three-dimensional will allow you to personalize almost anything by tweaking a part of your prototype, thus catering to your needs.

Easy to Produce Shapes and Structures

The old manufacturing method greatly relies on mold and cutting technologies in order to produce the desired shape. In the past, adding holes that can change direction, square interior cavities, or unrealistic overhangs are not easy to achieve.

Varied Materials

Mixing raw materials is not really ideal for mass-production processes as it can costly. Aside from this, the chemical and physical properties are hard to combine in the old methods.

Better Quality

If you try to make something and follow the steps accurately, you are likely to end up achieving the perfect results. But if you are new to it, though you may have the results, it might be lacking in some areas. But the use of a 3D printer will definitely offer the expected perfect results.


More people are not having access to the technology. In fact, there are 3D pens today that is capable of producing the same results as that of the printer. The only difference is that the user would have to maneuver the nozzle with the hands.

Given such progress, it will now be possible for people to create the product they need, whenever and whenever they are.


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