Living Through Andropause with Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Surprisingly, a number of people still don’t believe that there is such thing as male menopause. It is also known as Andropause. It can be very frustrating to those who are suffering through the symptoms of the condition. According to studies, Testosterone begins to decrease in men, in general, at the age of 30. The levels can drop one percent each year until the age 55, and can decline dramatically in the old age.

Some of the symptoms that most andropausal men experience are depression, lowered sex drive, fatigue, night sweats, and even hot flashes – almost the same as those experienced by menopausal women. Similar to menopause in women, the symptoms that men experience during andropausal depend on their own unique cases. Others may experience fatigue and mood swings, but have no loss of sex drive. Some may have frustrating night sweats, but will not have depression issues.

If you are having these symptoms, here’s what you should do:

Contact Your Doctor

It is important for you to consult your physician if you feel you are going through Andropause. You need your doctor’s diagnosis to make sure that these symptoms are cause by Andropause and not something else. It is not also good to assume that you are suffering from Andropause and do self-medications. You can only be certain of conditions regarding your health through medical tests and a diagnosis from your doctor.


Get Tested and Treated

Your doctor will most likely recommend a general medical laboratory exam and a series of blood tests. If results show you have a low testosterone level, you’ll be advised with the appropriate treatment. If there are other medical findings from your tests, your doctor will surely give you prescriptions to alleviate the symptoms and address your condition.

The most common and widely used treatment for men menopause is the male hormone replacement therapy. It is popularly known as testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. Men who have had TRT report reduced symptoms. This treatment comes in different forms from injections to oral pills, from gels to patches, and so on. You can choose which is most comfortable for you, but your doctor may recommend which one is best for you.

The male hormone replacement therapy will help boost your testosterone level up to its normal levels. You will have to get frequent blood tests for monitoring purposes. However, if your problem is erectile dysfunction or ED, TRT may not be the appropriate treatment for you. There are other treatments for ED, which will target this specific condition.


It is important that you understand that you are not alone in this journey. Most men all over the world are also suffering with Andropause. It is not a serious case to be alarmed with because it is simply a natural part of aging. If the symptoms are bothering you and if you want to feel like you are your old self, the male hormone replacement therapy is a worthwhile option.  Check out for more info.


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