Chemical Storage Cabinet: The Solution Your Business Needs

Dealing with chemicals on a daily basis demands for intensive safety measures. Although not all types of chemicals can be considered hazardous, but a potential danger is often associated with storage. This will not only affect the workplace, but most of all, the employees. This is why it is very important to have the right chemical storage cabinet in place where these dangerous chemicals can be stored. Aside from being a preventive measure, this cabinet is a basic requirement for any workshop or industry that works with different types of chemicals.

Storing chemicals in a safety cabinet does not entail making big changes in the manufacturing unit of the infrastructure of the workshop. In the first place, it should always be a given in a workplace and it should be considered a priority.

What is a Safety Storage Cabinet?

A chemical storage cabinet is a kind of cabinet that can safely store chemicals of different forms. The reason why there is an emphasis on safety is because of the fact that chemical spills can cause serious damage to the entire workplace and put the lives of people in danger. Even for chemicals that are not categorized to be hazardous to animals and plants, you still need to have a safety cabinet to prevent potential damage to property.

When you look at it, this kind of cabinet seems like any ordinary kind of cabinet intended for storage. The only difference however, is that it features materials that are resistant to chemicals stored inside it. This guarantees that even in case of leakage or spill, the cabinet can prevent chemical loss, thus preventing environment, health, or property damage.


What are the Benefits of Using these Cabinets?

These types of cabinets are capable of holding different types of chemicals in all forms. The cabinets are ideal for manufacturing workshops, garages, sites, construction sites, industrial sites, and other places where dangerous chemicals are present.

They are also available in different sizes and are made from various materials so they suit all types of chemicals. While chemicals often come in their own containers, such are not intended for long-term use. At the same time, the majority of industrial accidents take place as a result of improper storing of chemicals and this often occurs when they are only kept in regular containers.

One more reason why it is a must to use a safety storage cabinet is for the prevention of theft. In most cases, chemicals cost a lot, so preventing any unauthorized access to the chemicals will be a practical solution. The cabinets will not only protect the environment from the hazards associated with improper handling of different chemicals, but will also protect the facility from improper access.

You can easily choose from a wide array of safety cabinets to choose from that will meet your needs and space requirements. Considering the type of chemical that you plan to store, as well as the area where you want to install your storage solution you can always find one for your needs.


Living Through Andropause with Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Surprisingly, a number of people still don’t believe that there is such thing as male menopause. It is also known as Andropause. It can be very frustrating to those who are suffering through the symptoms of the condition. According to studies, Testosterone begins to decrease in men, in general, at the age of 30. The levels can drop one percent each year until the age 55, and can decline dramatically in the old age.

Some of the symptoms that most andropausal men experience are depression, lowered sex drive, fatigue, night sweats, and even hot flashes – almost the same as those experienced by menopausal women. Similar to menopause in women, the symptoms that men experience during andropausal depend on their own unique cases. Others may experience fatigue and mood swings, but have no loss of sex drive. Some may have frustrating night sweats, but will not have depression issues.

If you are having these symptoms, here’s what you should do:

Contact Your Doctor

It is important for you to consult your physician if you feel you are going through Andropause. You need your doctor’s diagnosis to make sure that these symptoms are cause by Andropause and not something else. It is not also good to assume that you are suffering from Andropause and do self-medications. You can only be certain of conditions regarding your health through medical tests and a diagnosis from your doctor.


Get Tested and Treated

Your doctor will most likely recommend a general medical laboratory exam and a series of blood tests. If results show you have a low testosterone level, you’ll be advised with the appropriate treatment. If there are other medical findings from your tests, your doctor will surely give you prescriptions to alleviate the symptoms and address your condition.

The most common and widely used treatment for men menopause is the male hormone replacement therapy. It is popularly known as testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. Men who have had TRT report reduced symptoms. This treatment comes in different forms from injections to oral pills, from gels to patches, and so on. You can choose which is most comfortable for you, but your doctor may recommend which one is best for you.

The male hormone replacement therapy will help boost your testosterone level up to its normal levels. You will have to get frequent blood tests for monitoring purposes. However, if your problem is erectile dysfunction or ED, TRT may not be the appropriate treatment for you. There are other treatments for ED, which will target this specific condition.


It is important that you understand that you are not alone in this journey. Most men all over the world are also suffering with Andropause. It is not a serious case to be alarmed with because it is simply a natural part of aging. If the symptoms are bothering you and if you want to feel like you are your old self, the male hormone replacement therapy is a worthwhile option.  Check out for more info.


Tips in Maintaining Your Automatic Gate


Just like any other mechanical things, automated gates need regular maintenance for it to last longer. You want to make sure you can rely on it to work consistently and operate safely. Maintaining an automatic gate is pretty easy. You’ll just have to follow the instructions for its maintenance that should be included in the product. You may need the help of a professional for certain procedures.

Here are some tips for help keep your automatic gate looking and operating its best:

Keep it Clean

The first step in keeping your gate in good shape is to keeping it clean. Washing it with a water hose and waxing it every now and then will make it look beautiful and looking new for a long time. Waxing your gate between washes help protect it from the weather and the sun. Just avoid getting water into the door opener, as this will damage it.


Keep it Lubricated

Anything with moving parts need to be lubricated every now and then to keep rust-free and to prevent it from squeaking. You should grease your gate hinges generously to keep it swinging smoothly. This will also keep the motor from over working. Chains also need lubricating to prevent it from catching and from debris buildup within the chain links.


Check it Regularly

Do a regular visual inspection of your automatic gate. Check individual parts such as the gate opener, electrical connections, metal racks, chain-belt, rollers and bearings, and so on. Make sure that all the bolts are screwed tightly in place. If you’ll notice loose bolts holding springs or cables, call a professional maintenance technician. Do not touch them or try to tighten then yourself, as they might break. Look for visible signs of wear or damage.


Check Inside

Check inside the mechanical box of your automatic gate every now and then. It is one of the favorite places of insects, birds, and small animals to nest. Your gate system may short or seriously malfunction because of the nest and other debris brought by these animals. Keep the mechanical box clean and make sure it seals well.


Take Aways

The performance and life span of your automatic gate depends greatly on how much you take care of it. Keep your automatic gate as beautiful as it was first installed. Maintaining your gate can also help you save money on repairs. You can choose whether to go for a lower-end or higher-end automated gate system. Choose also a reputable gate system provider to install your automatic gate.

If you decide to get an automatic gate, contact us today! We can install the gate you wish to have with the style and design that will fit perfectly to the overall look of your home and property.

Small Drilling Rigs as Construction Aid

\You may often see drilling rigs on commercial construction job sites because these machines are versatile and can be used for many different workloads. You can find unlimited variations of tasks in construction sites, and manufactures of drill rigs have seen this as an opportunity for them to develop a rig that will make construction jobs easier. These are advance machines that provide quick solutions for construction projects that need to be completed fast. Site managers and subcontractors have taken advantage of these rigs in facilitating construction tasks.

Construction project managers must look into several existing factors especially if the project is not located on wide, open spaces. Some of the challenges in renovations and constructions may include jobsites with limited access and overhead space, and confined spaces. Minimal impact on businesses both onsite and adjacent must also be observed.


Using Drilling Rigs for Construction

One of the challenges of project managers is the need of an additional foundational support to existing structures in the construction. In most cases, the existing structures may have limitations, wherein the only solution is to use a traditional drilling rig.

Many manufacturers have developed low overhead drilling rigs to address this need. Some of these rigs are capable of drilling micro piles, where overhead clearance is as little as six feet.

Furthermore, most of these machines also utilize rubber tracks instead of traditional steel tracks, allowing operators to enter into buildings without damaging the existing ground or flooring.

Another advantageous feature of these small rigs is the ability to separate the power source from the drill rig. This feature of the machine is very useful especially when the existing businesses want to stay open while the construction is ongoing.

By using another power source that is located outside of the building, the exhaust fumes from the diesel engines that are necessary to power the rigs will not affect or interfere with the business operations. With the diesel engine outside of the structure, the noise that comes with piling equipment is not bothersome.

Repositioning and moving the entire rig to drill each hole can be extremely difficult and such a hard work especially in operations with limited access, and rig manufacturers have seen this. This is why, small pile driving drill rigs are designed to have a mast that can be moved separately from the base. This feature enables an operator to swing the mast from side to side as much as 120 degrees, permitting efficient and successful operation in cramped spaces.



As more building owners choose to upgrade an existing structure instead of demolishing it and rebuilding it, construction projects become more difficult and complicated mainly because of the limited space. Project managers and construction companies must continue to embrace the benefits of using advance technologies offered by drill rig manufacturers. Drilling rigs are cost efficient, versatile and multi-functional in small spaces, making them great solutions to challenging construction tasks.

How to Prevent Condensation in the Fuel Tank

We all know how terrible it is when water is mixed with fuel, as it will affect the function of a vehicle or machine. While you are being so careful that water will not go in your fuel tanks, there are some case that water will mix into the fuel because of condensation within the tank itself. This is something that must be avoided. Condensation causes your car or machine to stop working and refuse to start. Furthermore, it causes rust in your gas tank, hindering its functions.

Here are some tips to help reduce fuel tank condensation:

Understand why condensation occurs in fuel tanks.

Condensation is mostly a result of a temperature change. Friction between the car and the hot road develops while driving on a road. Condensation forms in your fuel tank because of the heat transfer that mixes with the cooler gasoline. Water vapor builds up on any surface until drops of water form and will fall eventually, and mix into your gas.

The amount of air in the fuel tank must be restricted because air contains a specific amount of water vapor in it. Limiting the amount of air in the fuel tank can help reduce the amount of condensation as well.


Keep your fuel tank full or almost full of fuel.

Your tank should always be full or at least with fuel that is more than three-quarters or half-full. You don’t want your tank to keep running low on fuel, so you should fill it up every now and then. By doing this, the surface area inside the tank on which condensation can develop will be lessen. You can do this especially during humid or wet weather when you get a sudden change in temperature.


Put some fuel additive.

In the past, fuel did not contain the amount of ethanol like the one it does today. Fuel now contains at least 10% ethanol, which is an element that mixes well with water. When little condensation takes place in fuel tanks, ethanol in the fuel takes the moisture to the engine and burn it up.

If you can’t get fuel that contains some ethanol, you can use a fuel additive, which you can easily obtain from your local auto store. Because water is heavier than oil or fuel, it will float on top of condensation instead of mixing with it. The water can build up and sit at the bottom of the gas tank, with cause the tank to rust.

The fuel additive can be a great help. Just follow the directions on the container. Often times you can just pour it straight into the gas tank. Condensation can be minimized when the additive mixes with pure fuel because it is similar to ethanol. You can avoid fuel tank condensation if you’ll use fuel that contains water-soluble elements like ethanol or use fuel additives.

Scary Mysteries Twisted Twos: Mary Jane Barker and Anders Hansson

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries, Every week Twisted Two's dives into a
pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look.
For this week, we focus on the strange case of a missing child from New Jersey and a
terrifying Swedish serial killer.. Get ready for Scary Mysteries, Twisted Two’s.
#1 Mary Jane Barker
At only 4 years old, Mary Jane Barker from Bellmawr, New Jersey went missing on
February 25, 1957.
The young girl was last seen playing with a 4-month old Spaniel puppy at about 10:30
AM that day. She was on her way to meet her neighbor and friend, 6-year old Maria
Freitta, who also happened to be the owner of the puppy. A while later when her
parents started looking for her, Mary Jane was no where to be found. She was reported
missing to the police by 1:30 PM and immediatley Many people feared that she might
have been kidnapped.
Police started searching the area close to her home and Near the stream out back they
identified a set of footprints belonging to what looks to be a dog, a young child and an
adult man. They measured the child’s footprints and said it was the same shoe size as
Mary Jane’s.
Because she was so young, her disappearance sparked a huge response with almost
200 volunteers showing up on the first night to begin looking. Everyone there searched
the area and By the third day, there were over 1000 volunteers looking for the girl,
hoping they would find some sort of clue as to her whereabouts.
On February 27, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Barker appeared on television
pleading to the possible kidnapper to return their daughter to the nearest church. Police
interviewed, Vern Lovering, a 43-year old man who was a convicted child molester in
the area and he admitted to being near the Barker home when Mary Jane went missing,
but said he had nothing to do with a kidnapping. By February 28 th , 3 days after she
went missing, the FBI got involved. They too, interviewed Lovering and conducted their
investigation after police received a phone call demanding a $500 ransom for the child.
This prompted cops to appeal to the supposed kidnapper not to “act in haste” or harm
the child.
The disappearance was especially hard on the family since it was Mary Jane’s birthday
on the 28 th and her fathers on March 1 st . The family was planning to celebrate their
birthday’s together. However, on March 3 rd , the family’s life changed forever.

On that day, her friend Maria together with her mother went to check the newly built
ranch house next door owned by Maria’s aunt. Maria opened a bedroom closet door
and out came her puppy, leaping towards her. Also found inside the closet was the
dead body of Mary Jane Barker. She was slumped down in a sitting position on the floor
and was wearing the same clothes she had on from the day she went missing.
Curiously, the house was searched three times but no one had thought to check the
bedroom closet in. However, the police chief said he believes the body was placed in
the closet instead of being kept there since the puppy seemed to have been fed
recently. What’s more, if the dog was indeed trapped inside with the little girl for several
days, there was no sign of animal waste in the closet despite the fact the puppy wasn’t
housebroken. Even more compelling is that during those three initial searches, no one
had heard a dog barking at all. The door wasn’t locked but from the inside there was no
knob that the little girl could use to open it up.
Mary Jane’s body was autopsied the next day and there were no signs of foul play
found, neither were there signs of molestation. When they opened her stomach to
examine the contents, all it had was inside chocolate milk – the last thing she drank
before she disappeared on the morning of February 25 th . To find out why the dog was
alive and Mary Jane died, the dog was put down as well so its stomach contents could
be studied. Eventually, her death was ruled as an accident and that she had died from
starvation and exposure.
Because of what happened, then Mayor Cornelius Devennel ordered all closet doors to
have a knob from the inside as well.
Mary Jane’s disappearance and the media surrounding it also helped lead to the first
calls reporting the discovery of a murdered young boy in Philadelphia. Frank Guthrum,
the person who discovered the boy, had found the body the same day Mary Jane
disappeared but hesitated to report it. He eventually did and it led to the discovery and
investigation of what is now well known as the “Boy in the Box”. A story we have
previously covered.
#2 Anders Hansson
We’ve all heard of serial killer nurses and doctors before but Anders Hansson may be
one of the first serial killer orderlies you’ve yet to learn about.
Considered as one of Sweden’s worst killers, Hansson once worked at the Malmö Östra
Hospital. His job was to provide assistance to the long-term care patients and elderly
patients there. But instead of helping, Anders would often murder them.
He killed them slowly one by one and It’s believed he started doing so in 1978 when he
was just18 years old. In one year, he poisoned 27 patients in the hospital. About 15 of
them died as a result of what he did while 15 others managed to survive but suffered
physical issues along with mental anguish from the attempted murder.

Hansson killed his victims by poisoning them using cleaning products that he carried
with him for work including Gevisol and Ivisol. These were chemicals generally used for
sanitising the hospital rooms. His murderous reign was large but didn’t last long
because afer about a year after he started, one elderly patient started screaming that
something was burning her throat. When the hospital staff smelled her breath, they
found out she had ingested cleaning fluid and Anders was the last one in the room.
The increase in recent patient deaths had hospital workers on high alert already, and
the community was even starting to suspect something very wrong was happening at
the hospital. The staff then confronted Hansson and without much of a fight, he
confessed to the crime and many others he had committed while employed there. In
August of 1979, Anders Hansson was sentenced to a psychiatric clinic where he is
currently still being housed.
So there were a two of the most terrifying and murderous stories around. The world can
be a crazy place and Twisted Two’s is sure to show you why.
If you enjoyed this video then please remember to subscribe to our channel and support
us on Patreon. We have 2 videos coming out every week that we know you’ll want to
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Mary Jane Barker

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Anders Hansson

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